Ultimate Apartment Moving Checklist

Moving into your first apartment is a huge milestone in your life. It represents your first step at living independently without the assistance of your parents, starting your profession (perhaps in a new city or state), and for many, living with roommates, and learning how to maintain a home on your own.

Keep reading for a move into your first apartment checklist, as well as a moving out checklist to ensure you get your security deposit back when your lease is over.

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Apartment Moving in Checklist: Moving Day Needs

Moving day is likely to be a combination of fun and chaos. To make the day run smoothly, confirm you have the following on hand:

  • A Copy of Your Lease Agreement

You don’t want to have a loaded moving truck outside your new apartment complex only to find out that somehow the leasing office has lost your paperwork. Bring a copy of your lease agreement with you – either in print or an electronic copy – in case there are any issues with getting the keys to your new home.

  • Scissors or Box Cutters

Scissors or box cutters are definitely necessities when moving into a new apartment. Having these objects on hand will make it easier for you to open up boxes as you’re unpacking the essentials.

  • Furniture Blankets

TV stands, dressers, tables, and other furniture can leave scuff marks or knicks in the walls of your apartment. You don’t want to start off your first day in your new apartment by damaging it so that you’ll be losing out on your security deposit when you move out. Wrap your furniture in professional-grade moving blankets to minimize the risks of damaging your apartment’s walls.

  • First Aid Kit

When you’re moving heavy objects and putting together furniture, somebody’s bound to get hurt. Whether you need a bandaid, an ice pack, or something else, check you have a first aid kit with you on moving day.

  • Toilet Paper and Hand Soap

Never underestimate the importance of a roll of TP – and a bottle of hand soap. Make sure you have enough of these items for every bathroom in your new apartment. They’re definitely among the necessities when moving into a new apartment.

  • Bottled Water for the Fridge

Loading and unpacking boxes and furniture are bound to make you thirsty! Make sure you have plenty of bottled water on hand to quench your thirst.

  • Trash Bags

On moving day, you won’t have essentials such as your trash and recycling bins set up. To make it easier to dispose of trash, bring trash bags with you, and keep your new space clean.

  • Basic Cleaning Supplies

You’re likely going to want to shower off after moving day. But do you really trust your apartment to have cleaned to yours (or your mother’s) cleaning standards that you’re used to? Trust us, bring a scrub brush, some tile cleaner, and some cleaning wipes to make sure areas like your bathroom and kitchen are perfectly clean when you move in.

  • A Tool Box

On move-in day you’ll likely going to want to put together some furniture to make your new space more functional. You’ll also eventually want to hang up items to make your apartment cozier. Before you put any holes in the walls, though, make sure you review your lease to see what is and isn’t allowed.

Apartment Moving Checklist: Your Bedroom

Apartment Moving Checklist Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is going to be your own personal retreat. Whether you’re bringing your childhood furniture with you or your upgrading to something more modern, here are the basics that you’ll need:

  • A Mattress, Bedframe, and Slats or a Box Spring

You may have your eyes set on a beautiful cherrywood sleigh bed at a big furniture store in town. Or your budget may look more like finding using items on Facebook Marketplace. 

Wherever you fall on the spectrum, make sure you have at a minimum a mattress, a bedframe, and either slats or a box spring to place your mattress on. Additional items like a headboard and footboard are great, but can always be added to your bedroom later.

  • Pillows and Bedding

You don’t want to sleep on an uncovered mattress, do you? You’ll need bedding items including:

    • Pillows (and perhaps decorative pillows)
    • Sheets (don’t forget to buy an extra set of sheets for days that you’re washing your dirty sheets)
    • A comforter or duvet cover
    • A mattress pad
  • A Dresser and Hangers

Keep your clothes organized to keep your room clean. You’ll need a dresser and hangers for your first apartment. You can likely get both from your local big box store.

  • Closet Organizers

Your first apartment probably isn’t going to have your dream closet. That means you’re really going to need to maximize your space to get the most out of what’s available. Hanging closet organizers and shoe racks are a great way to get more out of your existing closet space.

  • Clothes Hamper with Handles

While some apartments have a washer and dryer in the unit, many don’t and instead have a communal area for doing laundry. This is why having a clothes hamper with handles is key – it makes carrying your laundry from point a to point b and back to point a lot easier.

Apartment Moving in Checklist: Your Living Room

If you’re moving into your first apartment alone, you’ll be solely responsible for buying items like a couch, a TV, a TV stand, and media equipment such as a streaming device. 

If you’re moving in with roommates, though, you can either pool your money in together or divvy up who’s going to buy what. Just trust us – discuss the plan for these communal items upfront, including who gets to keep what when one of you eventually moves out. It’ll save a lot of headaches and hassles in the future.

Apartment Moving Checklist: Your Kitchen

If you’ve never lived on your own before, you’re going to need some basics. These include:

  • Dishware
  • Utensils
  • Pots, pans, and baking supplies
  • Spices
  • Pantry staples
  • Cleaning supplies like dish soap, dishwasher soap, sponges, etc.

And even if a fridge is included with your apartment, you’re going to need some common kitchen appliances, such as:

  • A toaster
  • A microwave (if not included with the apartment)
  • A toaster oven
  • A blender
  • A hand mixer for baking

Remember, just like with your living room items, if you’re moving in with roommates and are pitching in together to buy these must-have kitchen appliances, communicate about what belongs to whom upfront.

Apartment Moving Checklist: Your Bathroom

In addition to your personal care items, you’ll also need:

  • Towels
  • A toilet bowl cleaner
  • A plunger
  • A toothbrush holder
  • A soap dispenser
  • Cleaning supplies

You also want to pick up a rug to step on when getting out of the shower.

Moving Out Checklist

Moving Out Checklist

We know you’re only just beginning the process of moving into your apartment, but one day you will move out. And when you do, you’ll want as much of your security deposit back as possible. Here are a few tips to make sure that happens:

  • Check your lease to confirm you know what’s required and what isn’t. Some apartment buildings don’t let you put any holes in the wall, some require proof of professional cleaning upon move out, etc. Don’t be surprised that you missed a major requirement by getting a very small security deposit back.
  • Do a move in/move out checklist with your apartment manager. This is a document in which you walk through the entire apartment and check off any deficiencies. Then you both sign the document and keep copies for your records. This helps you prove that any deficiencies that were pre-existing aren’t your responsibility to pay to repair.
  • Take date-stamped photos of any deficiencies, and send them electronically to your apartment manager. This will give you extra proof that you didn’t cause these damages.

Moving Into Your First Apartment Checklist: Getting Moving Help

If you need professional help with packing, transporting, and unloading your belongings to your new space, we’re here to help! Call us today for a moving quote customized to your specific needs at 480.676.4833.