11 Tips and Tricks for Easier and Faster Move

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Moving to a new place is typically quite exciting, but it’s also an exhausting process that requires a lot of planning and making sure everything goes smoothly. This sounds pretty simple in theory, but there is much more to it than meets the eye. It’s relatively easy to get tangled up in a logistical nightmare, and more importantly – once things go wrong, Murphy’s law is going to kick in, and you’ll find yourself in a bit of a pickle. 

This article is foreseen to help you find the easiest way to move and avoid the unnecessary hassles that will undoubtedly arise if you aren’t diligent and precise with your planning. If you’re struggling to figure out how to pack for moving, take a moment to look through some of the tips and tricks we’ve covered in this article, and you should have more than enough insight into the dos and don’ts to prevent any logistical predicaments. 

Important Tips for Moving 

Here are some essential things you should keep in mind when moving: 

The Preparation Process 

  • Calling the Utility Companies 

One of the first things you should do during the prep process is to call the utility companies and let them know you’re vacating your home. It’s essential to do this step first because even though it seems pretty simple and requires only a few phone calls, once you get busy with other chores, you’ll likely forget about utilities altogether. If you already know your new address (which you should!), don’t hesitate to set up utilities for your new home too, so that you can kill two birds with one stone. 

  • Determining Your Budget

Moving can be a costly endeavor, so it’s important to think about budgeting as soon as possible, preferably before you set everything in motion. While it’s relatively easy to calculate the expenses, there is always a possibility of unforeseen expenses that can set you back if you don’t plan accordingly. A good rule of thumb is to roughly calculate your costs and add about 5%-10% to it, just to be safe. 

  • Hiring Professionals 

Once you’ve set up your budget, it’s time to start thinking about hiring a professional crew. Our company provides some of the best moving services in Phoenix, so if you live in the area, don’t hesitate to give us a call. In case you’re from another area, make sure to research viable candidates before you actually hire them. Look for quality, reliability, and good reviews. 

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  • Making Arrangements for Furniture Donations   

Many people decide to donate their furniture since it’s usually a better option financially, especially if you’re moving to another state. Make sure to make the necessary arrangements before you start moving your stuff so that the process goes as smoothly as possible. Pick a charity of your choice and let them know you’re moving, and once they confirm their arrival, you’re free to handle other stuff. 

  • Not Leaving Any Food Behind 

While it’s usually good to get rid of things when moving, that doesn’t mean you should be wasteful. Avoid buying food and groceries a couple of days before moving and make sure to waste as little food as possible. Empty your fridge and freezer, and if you have any canned or unopened food left once the moving day comes, donate it to your local food bank. 

Packing Tips for Moving

Now that you’re finished with the preparation process, it’s time to focus on packing. There is a lot of room for cutting corners during this process, so make sure to use them to your advantage. 

  • Getting the Packing Supplies

There are many packing calculators online that will help you get a better idea of how much supplies you should buy for moving. We encourage you to devote some time and calculate roughly how much of these supplies you’ll need because it will help you get everything you need with a single trip rather than having to go to the store multiple times. 

  • Leave Your Clothes in the Drawers  

Many people make a mistake by emptying their drawers and packing their clothes separately. This is a time-consuming process that can be avoided by simply wrapping the entire drawer in plastic wrap. It’s also an excellent time-saving method for when the moment comes to unpack your stuff. All you have to do is get rid of the plastic wrap and put the drawer(s) back into the frame. 

The same method should be used for clothes on hangers. Rather than unhanging, folding, and wrapping them, leave them on their hangers and wrap them in large bags. 

  • Using Pots for Small Items 

This is one of the least known packing hacks for moving and one of the most useful. Many people usually use boxes to pack small kitchen gadgets, spices, and small containers. This isn’t wrong per se, but it’s much better to fill up your large pots with those items and seal everything with plastic wrap. You’ll save a ton of space! 

  • Color-Coding Your Boxes 

This is yet another step that seems trivial at first glance, but it’s actually quite useful. Instead of writing things on the boxes, use colored stickers to label them. This way, you will be able to assign different colors to different rooms, and it will be much easier to prioritize things. On top of that, it will be much easier to find the right box in the sea of other boxes.

  • Taking Pictures of Everything 

In today’s day and age, everyone has a smartphone with a camera. It’s an excellent tool you can use during the moving process by taking pictures of everything, including the back of your TV (so that you know where to plug in the cables), and most importantly – the contents of the boxes. This way, you can quickly identify which package holds the items you’re looking to unpack rather than having to rely on your memory. It’s easy, quick, and incredibly useful!

  • Wrapping Everything Up a Day in Advance 

No matter how well you prepare for the moving day, you will miss something and will have to deal with the issue during the moving day. This is why it’s crucial to pack and wrap up everything at least one day before the moving day. It will significantly minimize the margin for error, and even if you miss something, you’ll deal with it much easier if it’s the only problem you have to worry about on that day. The goal is to reduce the risk of missing important things before it’s too late. 

If you’re wondering, Where can I find the best packaging services near me?we have you covered! Call us, and we will be more than happy to lend you a hand and make sure the moving process goes as smoothly as possible. 

Did you find our tips and tricks helpful? Do you have any of your own tips to share? Don’t hesitate to leave us a comment and let us know what you think. In case you’re interested in reading more about moving and packing, please read our other articles!