A Checklist for Moving to Another State

Moving to another place can be a somewhat long and exhausting process, especially for people who aren’t too familiar with the dos and don’ts of moving to a different state. There are several things you ought to do before you hit the road, and it’s important to point out that making a simple checklist will significantly decrease your chances of overlooking something. 

You should make sure everything has been set and done, and all of the steps on your list have been checked before you travel to another state. Failing to do so will most likely result in you losing precious time, and more importantly – money.

We have made a comprehensive checklist of things to do before moving out of state to help you ensure a smooth transition and help you avoid making common mistakes that might end up costing you time, nerves, and money. 

Moving to Another State Checklist 

Travel to Your New State

While you can do some research by simply searching for information on the Internet, it’s always a good idea to visit your new state at least once before you move. It’s good practice because you can get some insight into the location, neighborhood, institutions that are in the vicinity of your new potential home, etc. You could also use a guide book to get familiar with your new place, learn something about its history, and determine whether it meets your expectations and requirements. 

Many people tend to skip this particular step because it’s a seemingly unnecessary expense but rest assured it’s definitely worth the money. After all, you wouldn’t want to move to another state and realize it’s not what you have expected it to be. 

Parents – Research Schools  

Parents – Research Schools 

If you have children, you ought to prioritize researching the reputation of schools in the vicinity of your new home. Every parent’s primary concern is their child’s safety and interests, both of which are significantly easier to handle if you conduct thorough research. Don’t hesitate to visit some of the schools you’re considering for your kid, meet some of their potential teachers, and even use some of many school rating tools available online. 

Once you have a good pool of samples, it’s going to be much easier to pick the best school for your children. It’s essential that you don’t rush with this step and instead take your time with it since making a poor decision will cause you a lot of issues in the future. 

Get a Feel of the City Before You Buy a Property

Another thing most people don’t consider when thinking about how to move out of state, and it can have dire consequences for you, your kids, and your wallet. Rather than impulsively buying the first property that seemingly meets your expectations and requirements, you should spend some time in the city and get familiar with its neighborhoods, public transport, restaurants, jobs, events, etc. 

Some experienced realtors recommend spending at least 3-6 months in a particular city before you make the final decision to settle there. You can rent a place for the first few months, and once you find a house that seems like the right choice for buying, simply move your stuff there. With that being said, some people don’t want to move twice in 6 months, so it’s up to you to decide whether it’s worth renting before you buy. 

Pay Special Attention to Your Budget 

Moving out of state is not cheap. It will cost you several thousands of dollars to move everything from one place to another, and finding the right long-distance moving company is essential. If you’re looking to DIY your way out of financial burdens by renting a truck and moving everything by yourself, make sure to put your potential expenses on paper and compare them with the market prices of professional moving companies. 

More often than not, you’ll see that it’s usually not worth hassling with the DIY solution, especially if you’re moving from coast to coast. Hiring a team of professionals is often a much better idea because you don’t have to worry about logistics other than finding the right company for the job. It’s also advised that you put a bit of extra money on the side for unforeseen expenses, which are more than likely going to happen at some point during your move. 

Pay Special Attention to Your Budget

Put Some Effort into Researching Moving Companies 

Having a “moving to another state checklist” is great, but it’s not worth much if you fail to find a reputable moving company with reasonable prices and ample experience in the business. The first thing you should be looking for is reliability. The good news is that you can quickly figure out whether a particular company is trustworthy by looking into customer reviews and testimonials. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that those parameters aren’t always a picture-perfect representation of a particular company. Therefore, it’s strongly recommended that you take a thorough approach and dive deeper into research before choosing a specific company. 

Contact Your Utility Companies and Family

While this seems like a pretty obvious thing to do before moving, you would be surprised by the number of people who completely forget about it. Even though failing to let your family and relatives know that you’re moving isn’t a big deal in most cases, you ought to contact your utility companies. This includes your internet provider, electricity, gas, cable, water, etc. 

In case you already have an address in your new state, feel free to schedule a transfer date. 

Applying for a New Driver’s License 

Even though this particular step doesn’t seem too urgent, it’s always good to cover everything before you move. If you’d like to drive in your new state, you’ll need a new driver’s license from your state’s DMV. Before you apply, make sure to check your new state’s license requirements, since some of them require you to apply within a specific time frame. In most cases, you’ll need proof of your SSN, existing driver’s license, and some form of additional identification. 

This is a relatively simple process in most cases, but it’s something you ought to add to your moving out of state checklist and get it done sooner rather than later. 

If you’re looking for a reputable long distance moving company with years of experience in this industry, contact us, and we will be more than happy to help you move to another state. Our team consists of experienced professionals who know precisely what it takes to move things around in a safe manner.