Sometimes all you need are a couple of extra hands to do the heavy lifting, like moving furniture up and down stairs. Maybe you just need some folks to help you get everything into the moving truck quickly and efficiently. Whether you need us for a couple hours or all weekend Phoenix A to Z Moving is your ally in moving help!

That’s why our friendly and motivated staff of expert movers is available on an hourly basis to kick your move into high gear and relocate your belongings promptly and correctly.

Hire Phoenix  Moving Labor with Competitive Rates

One of the benefits of choosing the A to Z team to assist with your moving needs is that we provide all of the necessary equipment to get you from point A to point B (or should we say point Z). Unlike truck rental companies, we do not charge exorbitant fees for the use of a dolly. When you hire our movers you are getting the whole package- dollies, boxes, safety measures and the men to wield it! Who would want to spend their first night in their new home with a sore back and an empty wallet when they could have hired a team of experts to do it right the first time?

Call us today for an estimate on your moving needs.