3 Best & Cheapest Ways to Move Across Country

Moving across the country is not an easy feat, even when you have the assistance of a long distance moving company like our Phoenix business. Even if you take all the packing, loading, and unloading off the table and outsource it to us, you still have so many tasks on your to-do list to complete when you’re moving across the country, such as:

  • Finding a new place to live which, if you didn’t have the opportunity to take a scouting trip before your relocation, means you have to trust your gut and choose a new place to call home based on images and virtual tours alone.
  • Most likely needing to find a new bank and set up an account ASAP to cover your daily expenses after you arrive. Even if you’re currently banking with a national bank, there’s no guarantee they’ll have a branch conveniently located to your new home or work location.
  • Finding new doctors, dentists, pediatricians, pharmacy, etc. and transferring prescriptions to your new pharmacy.
  • Getting your kids enrolled and registered in their new schools and daycares, which also means you need to unenroll them from their current school and get their records and transcripts.
  • Finding a job, if you’re not already relocating for a job you’ve already secured.

With all these relocation tasks to do when you are trying to figure out how to move across the country, it’s no wonder so many Phoenix residents who are relocating choose our long distance moving company for help.

In fact, many locals who are relocating out of state come to us for two main reasons. First, they want to know how to move across the country, as in how to manage packing up all their belongings in a single truckload. Second, they want to know inside tips for the cheapest way to move across the country.

Well, if you’ve landed on this page because a new state is in your future and you’re looking for the best way to move cross country, you’re in luck.

We’ve created this list of the top 3 tips for how to move cross country especially for people like you.

Tip #1: The Cheapest Way to Move Across Country is All About Timing

Tip #1 The Cheapest Way to Move Across Country is All About Timing

People relocate every day, right? Well, not exactly.

Because most parents want to be able to relocate during the summer while their kids are out of school and not in the middle of the school year, our industry is seasonal. Movers like us are most busy from May through September.

This is when the law of supply and demand comes into play. If you’re trying to move during late spring or the summer, most movers like us will have very full schedules, and the prices to relocate for the few available slots that are left are going to be more expensive. So our best tip for the cheapest way to move across the country is to be flexible with your relocation months, if possible.

If you can’t be flexible with the month you’re relocating, try to be flexible on the exact dates of your move. Even during the busy season, the cheapest way to move across the country is to relocate in the middle of the week and the middle of the month.

Moving across the country between October and April is the best way to move cross country if you’re looking to save on your relocating company fees. Companies like ours are less busy and have more availability during the off-season. Because of this, we’re able to offer people like you who are trying to figure out how to move across the country a lower, more affordable rate.

Tip #2 The Best Way to Move Cross Country is to Lighten Your Load

Companies like ours charge based on the estimated amount of items you have, which we calculate based on your home’s square footage as well as how many bedrooms you have. We also have additional costs for relocating certain specialty items, such as gun safes and pianos.

Before you call us out to give you a quote, take a deep, hard look at your belongings and think to yourself, “Do I really need this? Do I even use it?” If the answer is no, have a garage sale to make some money to go towards your move, post it for sale on Facebook Marketplace, cash it in at a consignment store, or donate it to a nearby thrift store. Trust us, every bit of weight counts and you don’t want to pay to transport stuff you don’t use or really even need.

You also want to consider the value of bigger, bulkier items that you own and whether or not you anticipate keeping them for a long time after you relocate. Do you have a couch that’s functional, but maybe won’t fit the style and look of how you plan to decorate your new home? If so, sell it before the relocation so we can take that weighty item off your list. Is your kitchen table falling apart? Donate it now and then buy a new or used one when you reach your destination. How to move cross country smartly is to bring as few items with you as possible.

Tip #3 How to Move Across the Country with Your Own Boxes

Tip #3 How to Move Across the Country with Your Own Boxes

Many local people just like you who are moving across the country purchase their boxes from us. We’re happy to offer this service and to make it just a little bit easier to get organized before the big day. But truth be told, these supplies are more expensive when you buy them from professional movers like us.

If you’re trying to cut costs and figure out how to move cross country on a smaller budget, you should:

  • Buy your own boxes from a store like Wal-Mart, Target, or an office store. Don’t scrimp and pack in previously used boxes, though. Used boxes – whether you got them from someone who already moved or have Amazon or other shipping boxes – they may have lost their structural integrity and might not hold weight well.
  • Buy your own stuffing materials, including packing paper and bubble wrap. And buy in the biggest packages as possible or in bulk. Trust us, you need more than you think you do.
  • Buy packaging tape in bulk at a place like Costco or Sam’s Club.

One type of box we do recommend you buy from a professional mover like us, though, is wardrobe boxes. These tall boxes, as tall as your bedroom closet, have a hanging rack in them. You can literally just unhang your clothes from your closet, hang them in the wardrobe box, and seal it. Then when you unpack, simply reverse this task. Wardrobe boxes may cost a little bit of money, but they save you a lot of unpacking time when you arrive at your new destination. It’s the best way to move cross country and quickly get set up at your new place.

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