Long-distance moving can seem like an insurmountable task, especially if you’re moving completely across the country and have never faced such a massive task before. But with our professional moving help, it’s easy and stress-free! 

As a national moving company, we help many Phoenix-area residents relocate throughout the United States. To learn more about our long-distance moving process or to get a price quote on your upcoming move, call us at 480.676.4833.

Phoenix-based Long Distance Moving Company

Every year, we help thousands of Phoenix-area residents relocate throughout the country for work, school, or other personal reasons. When you choose to partner with us for your cross-country move, we’ll:

  • Come to your house to survey your belongings and estimate the cost of your move, the number of movers needed for your job, and the amount of time it’ll take for us to load up your belongings.
  • Estimate the cost of packing your items for you, if you choose for us to do so (which is a great time-saver in the days and weeks before relocating across the country).
  • Estimate the number of moving boxes you need to purchase from us if you are going to self-pack, include wardrobe boxes that allow you to hang your clothes directly in a box without having to remove them from their hangers, which makes unpacking in your new home so much easier!

Making Long Distance Moving Easy

When moving day arrives, we’ll be ready to help you load up your belongings onto a professional moving truck carefully and quickly. This includes taking apart any furniture that needs to be disassembled, such as beds and bed frames so that they’re easier to load up on the truck and strap down for safe transport to your new destination.

When you’re leaving the Phoenix area for another part of the state or country, you have a lot of loose ends to tie up. These can include:

  • Getting copies of your medical and immunization records to give to your new physicians in your new home.
  • Getting your children’s school records and transcripts to provide to their new schools.
  • Closing local bank accounts that don’t have branches in your new destination.
  • Turning off utilities

Additionally, you need to scope out your life in your new city. These details include:

  • Finding a new place to live, including one in an ideal school district if you have children.
  • Finding a new job.
  • Locating new physicians and dentists for your family.
  • Setting up new bank accounts.
  • Paying deposits and setting up new utility accounts.

With all these details to worry about, why would you want to also worry about loading up your belongings on a moving truck and moving them across the country? Let our cross-country moving company take care of these details for you, so you can focus on tying up the loose ends of your Phoenix life, and beginning your new life in your upcoming destination.