How to Pack Your Dishes and Glassware When Moving

Imagine that you’re relocating, either across the city or across the country. After relocation day, you finally arrive at your new home and one of the first things you want to do is get your kitchen set up. After all, eating out is expensive and in many cases not as healthy, so you’ve got to cook and eat, right?

When you find the boxes that contain your dishware, you pick them up and hear the jingling of glass clinking together. Uh oh. Your kitchenware has broken in transit! 

This is the last thing you need to deal with when you’re trying to get set up in your new home. You’re probably tired from relocation day and don’t have the energy to run out to the store to grab some paper plates to eat today’s meals. Plus, after relocating and either buying a new home or putting a deposit down on a new apartment, who has the extra cash set aside to buy all new kitchenware immediately?

If you’re getting ready to relocate, you may be wondering how to pack dishes for moving, or how to pack glasses for moving so you can avoid this story from becoming your reality. Don’t worry – we’re here to help! As local professional movers who offer Phoenix packaging services, we’ve done our fair share of helping area clients by packing up their kitchens safely and securely. Continue reading to learn the best way to pack dishes, and how to pack glasses for moving too.

The Best Way to Pack Dishes is to Have the Right Materials

If you want to learn the best way to pack dishes and how to pack glassware for moving, keep on reading. Here’s a list of what you’ll need to pack up your kitchenware to avoid items braking during transit:

  • Packing paper, and lots of it. Trust us, you don’t want to use newspaper because its ink may rub off and stain your dishware.
  • Small and medium-sized boxes. Don’t reuse old ones that were used by someone else to move or ones that came from Amazon or other online deliveries. You need brand-new boxes to ensure that they have the structural integrity to safely carry and transport such fragile items.
  • Packaging tape. Make sure you get actual packaging tape, which is designed to place a strong seal on a box it tapes together.
  • A permanent marker for labeling each one once it’s packed. This is very important, as you’ll want to make sure that boxes are identified as having kitchenware so you can get set up in your new place quickly. You also want to mark each package as fragile so that extra care is taken while carrying them, loading, and unloading them on the big day.

The Best Way to Pack Dishes is to Have the Right Materials

Important Instructions on How to Pack Dishes for Moving

Since we offer Phoenix packaging services, we know the best way how to pack glassware for moving is to make sure you:

  • Have structurally sound, well-taped boxes.
  • Keep each box light and don’t pack it too heavily.
  • Use lots of packing paper as cushions at both the top and bottom of each box, and to wrap and tape around each piece of your kitchenware.

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to pack glassware for moving:

  1. The best way to pack dishes for moving is to start by securely taping the bottom of your small to medium-sized box. Make sure you tape the flaps shut and don’t fold them in together. You need taped boxes to ensure the bottom won’t give out as they are being moved.
  2. Your next step in learning how to pack glassware for moving is to take a lot of packaging paper, crumple it up, and place it at the bottom of the box before placing any plates, glasses, or other dishware in the box.
  3. An important thing to know about how to pack dishes for moving is that you should load the boxes with the heaviest pieces first.
  4. Before placing any item in your box, make sure to carefully and completely wrap it with packing paper, then tape it shut to make sure it stays secure. Next, load your items in the box, with the heaviest items going to the bottom of the box. 
  5. If you’re wondering if how to pack glassware for moving, such as glasses and bowls, is different from how to pack dishes for moving, it is. Cups, bowls, teapots, and other hollow items should always have crumpled up packing paper inside of them to prevent cracking, chipping, or shattering.
  6. Once you have filled up a box with kitchenware, pick it up to determine its weight. If it’s heavy, unpack items. You don’t want your kitchen packages to be too heavy.
  7. After you’ve confirmed that your packages are an appropriate weight for carrying, loading, and stacking, the next step in the best way to pack dishes is to stuff crumpled packing paper in between items and add another layer to the top of the box. You want to absorb all the wiggle room in your box. As an alternative, you can use small towels or blankets as a stuffing material.
  8. Before you tape your boxes containing your fragile kitchenware shut, close them and test them for bounce. If the top feels firm but bounces back when you press on it, go ahead and tape it. If it caves in, add more stuffing to the top of it, then tape it shut.
  9. The final step of how to pack glassware for moving is to label each package with a permanent marker. You should label at least two opposite sides of the package with both a description of what items are in there and the word “fragile.” As professional movers that offer Phoenix packaging services, we can’t stress the importance of doing this step enough.

Important Instructions on How to Pack Dishes for Moving

Are You Interested in Phoenix Packaging Services?

Now that you know how to pack glasses for moving and how to pack dishes for moving, you’re probably feeling one of two emotions: relief, or a sense of being overwhelmed.

If you’ve got extra time on your hands, a while before relocation day, or a relatively small kitchen to move, you may be feeling relieved now that you know how to pack glasses for moving. After all, now you know how to avoid making it to point B with boxes full of broken dishware.

However, if you’ve already got your hands full with your move – especially if you’re relocating a long-distance or very quickly and haven’t started packing yet – you may be feeling overwhelmed. After all, the best way to pack dishes requires you to follow a lot of careful steps. How are you going to find time for this when you’re already so busy?

If you’re feeling this latter emotion, we can help you. We offer Phoenix packaging services and can help you by packing up your kitchen or even your entire house or apartment! We’re here to help you with whatever packing and relocation services you need, and we move local residents cross country too.

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