How to Pack Artwork for Moving

Are you preparing to move, and have treasured art and framed photos? If so, you may be wondering how to move art and how to pack framed pictures for moving. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. As a Phoenix area moving company with over a decade of packing and moving artwork for our customers. We understand that artwork and framed pictures can be both valuable and sentimental and that you want to know how to pack framed art correctly to keep it safe during your move. 

We’re here to provide you with much-needed tips on how to pack artwork and how to pack pictures for moving. Read our advice, and call us at (480) 676-4833 if you need help packing and moving from the Phoenix area to anywhere else in the United States.

How to Pack Artwork for Moving

Moving artwork can be tricky because art and framed pictures come in all shapes, sizes, and mediums. Your collection of art may include:

  • Framed or unframed paintings or prints.
  • Ironwork. 
  • Heirloom mirrors.
  • Glass or ceramic artwork including figurines, statues, or bowls.
  • And more.

The techniques you’ll use for how to pack artwork for moving are going to depend on the type of art you’re packing and moving.

How to Pack Artwork for Moving

How to Pack Framed Art and Pictures

When it comes to moving artwork, the most common type of artwork we help our customers pack and move is framed artwork. Here are some tips on how to pack framed art and pictures:

  • Gather the appropriate moving supplies.

For safely and securely packing artwork and pictures and moving artwork and pictures, you’ll need to following moving supplies:

    • New moving boxes in various sizes. Trust us, you don’t want to reuse boxes you received from deliveries or use moving boxes you received from someone else. Previously used boxes may not have the structural integrity needed and might have been compromised from their original use.
    • Masking tape.
    • Brown packing paper (don’t use newspaper to wrap artwork – its ink may rub off onto your artwork and damage it).
    • Bubble wrap.
    • Newspaper only to be used as moving box filler
    • Packing tape.
  • Find the best-sized box for packing artwork.

When you’re moving artwork, it’s important to remember that artwork comes in different shapes and sizes. If you’re wondering how to move art, our best tip is to find the most appropriate box for each piece you have.

Every box you use for packing artwork should be slightly bigger than the particular piece of art you’re moving.

For example, when you’re moving artwork that’s large, individual pieces of artwork will need to be packed in specialty boxes, which you can get from our Phoenix moving company. These specialty boxes are needed to ensure there’s just enough wiggle room – which can be stuffed with newspaper or packing paper – for your artwork to fit into the box.

When you’re moving artwork that is smaller to medium-sized, you can use one box for packing multiple pieces. Remember, when it comes to figuring out how to pack framed pictures for moving or other artwork, your moving box needs to be slightly larger than the artwork and frames that are going inside it.

  • How to move art with glass.

When you’re learning how to pack framed art and how to pack pictures for moving, it’s important to remember that most frames include a glass covering. This glass is, of course, extremely fragile and if not properly prepared, can easily crack or shatter as you are moving art.

To prevent glass frames from shattering, using masking tape to make an “X” across the glass. When you follow this step on how to pack framed art and how to pack pictures for moving, you can prevent the glass from completely shattering in its moving boxes if it does inadvertently crack or break as you are moving.

How to move art with glass

  • Cover the face of artwork and pictures with packaging paper (not newspaper).

The face of your artwork and pictures need to be packaged with packing paper to prevent them from dents, scratches, and other types of contact damage. To do so you’ll need to lay down packaging paper on a flat, hard surface that is at least two times the size of your artwork.

Next, place your artwork face down on the center of the packaging paper. Wrap the artwork just as you would a present, making sure to cover the tops, bottoms, and sides. If you’re wondering how to pack artwork when you’re moving multiple small to medium-sized pieces in one box, the best way to do so is to wrap each piece individually.

After your artwork has been wrapped with packaging tape, wrap it with a layer of bubble wrap, following the directions listed above. Bubble wrap will give your artwork an added layer of protection as you are moving artwork.

If you’re wondering how to pack framed pictures for moving, you’ll need to follow the same packing paper and bubble wrap instructions listed above.

  • Securely tape the bottom of your moving boxes with packing tape.

When you’re packing artwork, you never want to fold the flaps of boxes together to construct the box. Instead, fold the sides together and then tape both horizontally and vertically with packing tape. Make sure the packing tape goes from the bottom of the box and up a few inches on all four sides of the box for added structural integrity.

  • How to move art by testing boxes first.

If you’re wondering how to move art in boxes that are structurally secure, the best thing you can do is test the boxes before you seal them. Start by placing the artwork you’re moving into the box. This may be a single piece of large artwork in a specialty box or a few pieces of small to medium-sized artwork or frame pictures being packed in a moving box.

Next, close the lid of the box – but don’t tape it shut yet. Instead, gently wiggle the box so you can feel how much its contents move. When we tell our customers how to move art, we suggest that there is only a very slight amount of wiggle room in the box. If your artwork wiggles and jiggles too much in its box, you can either add crumpled newspaper into the box to further cushion the art or framed pictures or downsize to a smaller box if there is significant wiggling.

  • Tape your boxes shut and label them with a permanent marker.

Your final packing steps are to seal the box shut with packing tape, using the same technique you used when you sealed the bottom of the box that is explained above. Then make sure to clearly label your boxes with a permanent market in large letters. This will both help you know that the contents of the box are fragile, and make unpacking so much easier when your boxes reach your new destination.

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