A Timeline to a Successful Move

Moving to a new home is exciting but it can also cause a load of stress if one fails to organize the entire moving process properly. And the best way to manage every single task in regard to moving is to create a moving into a new house checklist and a moving packing timeline for that checklist. Fortunately, packing for moving companies is often a highly useful service that can help tremendously with staying on track with the packing timeline. That said, let’s see what the ideal timeline to a successful move would be if the time to switch homes is growing closer.

The Practical Moving Packing Timeline

Three Months Before the Move

Ideally, the moving process and packing for moving checklist will begin at least three months before the actual move. This is the time for assessing the moving budget as well as going over the belongings and essential supplies for the move.

Time to Declutter

We should always start the moving timeline with careful organization and purge of our belongings. After all, chances are we really don’t need to bring every single item from the old home with us. That said, be very mindful of the new style and floorplan. It might be time to sell larger pieces of furniture. Anything damaged or unusable should be thrown away. Items that seem to be in a good condition yet fail to spark joy can find a new home as donations or gifts.

Get the Packing Essentials

Once we have a comprehensive list of our belongings that are moving together with us, it’s time to get enough packing supplies. These include boxes, tape, packing paper, as well as bubble wrap. However, it’s also possible to make the most out of packing for moving companies as the service doesn’t only include the packing itself, but it also takes care of all the packing supplies in our stead.

Manage the Moving Budget

We don’t want to be negatively surprised with the cost of the move too little too late. This is why it’s crucial to work out the moving budget as soon as our belongings are sorted out. By calculating the budget initially, we can decide what course of action works the best for us (e.g. buying the moving and packing supplies on our own or hiring the packing service, choosing the right moving company, etc.).

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Six Weeks Before the Move

Now that we have our budget in place and the packing for moving checklist, it’s time to make some important decisions.

The Moving Process

This is the best time to decide whether we’d benefit more from hiring professional moving companies or doing everything on our own – or with the help of family and friends.

Find the Right Moving Company

In case we have to hire a professional moving company, we also have to find one that suits our needs and budget the best. That said, make sure to get in touch with a couple of reputable moving companies, discuss available options, and ask for the estimate before the official hire.

Get Rid of Unwanted Items

We already have the packing for moving checklist, and the items that didn’t make it on that list should be removed from our possession around this time. Look into charities and donations, organize garage sales, or ask friends and family to check whether they need something.

A Month Before the Move

With only a month left, stay consistent with the moving timeline by dealing with the necessary tasks in regard to new furniture and address change.

Inform the Right Institutions

Address change also means that we need to have new documents issued, which is why it’s crucial to inform the right authorities about this at least a month in advance. Furthermore, we have to inform our bank and utility companies, service providers, and anyone else that needs to know about the new address.

Get New Furniture

In case we need to get new furniture pieces to fit the floorplan and style of our new place, we should start looking into those around this time to stay on track with our moving timeline. Of course, make sure to arrange the delivery to the new address after the move.

Three Weeks Before the Move

As we go through our moving into a new house checklist, once we get to three weeks before the move it’s time to give priority to the packing timeline.

Start with Packing

When we first begin to pack, it’s important to follow a certain order. That said, we should always start with items that aren’t essential for everyday life. These include off-season clothes, home décor, kitchen utensils that we don’t use often, as well as other accessories that we won’t need in the next few weeks. Basically, we need to leave our essentials such as toiletries, medicine, go-to clothes, and utensils for just before the move. Again, packing for moving companies can be done by the moving company itself to make the whole process easier and less stressful.

Deal with a Truck Rental

When we hire professional moving companies, we also have to discuss the available truck rental options with them. Make sure to look into the truck that will fit all of your boxed belongings properly and follow the packing timeline to a tee.

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One Week Before the Move

As the time for the move grows closer, the next task on our moving into a new house checklist should include thorough cleaning.

Clean the Old Home

With most of our belongings packed and stored, cleaning our old home is going to be considerably easier. This will ensure that we don’t lose our cleaning deposit, and it’s also a considerate thing to do for future residents.

Clean the New Home

It’s also a lot easier to clean a home when it’s empty. That said, make it a point to clean the new home thoroughly before there are all the boxes and furniture to deal with. In case it’s impossible to go to this new place, we can always hire a cleaning service over there to do the job.

A Day Before the Move

Everything is probably ready for the move, but in order to make the moving packing timeline truly efficient, we should make the most out of the day before the move and pack our essentials bag. This will hold all of our must-haves that we’ll need in the new home before we unpack.

The Day of the Move

With everything done and ready, the day of the move should be rather uneventful, which is what we want. We either have to sit back and watch the professional movers do their job or simply load the truck and drive to the new place.

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Do you have experience with moving? If so, is there a moving timeline that has proven to work perfectly for you? If you’re interested in learning more about moving and packing tips, feel free to check out our previous articles.