12 Essential U-Haul Boxes for Your Next Move

Planning to move to a new home? While the whole experience of starting a new chapter of your life in a new place is exciting, some aspects of it are everything but. The process of moving itself can be very stressful and challenging, especially when you consider everything that you have to pack; and the appropriate storage for packing all of your belongings. Thankfully, moving companies these days offer more than just a truck rental. That said, chances are that looking up the packaging services near me will lead you to the provider of moving services as well.

With a whole range of packing storage available, from Uhaul cardboard boxes that are sturdy and durable to Uhaul dish packing boxes to keep your fragile items safe, you can easily avoid the extra stress and headaches when preparing for a move. All you need to know is what kind of U-Haul boxes you’ll need, so let’s discuss this matter in more detail.

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1. Small Moving Boxes

Small U-Haul moving boxes can hold up to 65 lbs and meet the shipping requirements of FedEx, UPS, as well as USPS. At the 16-3/8″ x 12-5/8″ x 12-5/8″ (W x L x H), these small boxes are perfect for storing your smaller items, such as books, cans, sheets, and other textiles, together with smaller tools and appliances. They also have a handy handle to make the lifting easier.

2. Medium Moving Boxes

Medium sized moving boxes also hold up to 65 lbs but thanks to their dimensions being 18 1/8” x 18” x 16” (W x L x H), they can be used for storing bulkier items such as toys, appliances, home décor bits and bobs, and similar. These can also be shipped via FedEx, UPS, and/or USPS. Aside from the useful handle, medium U-Haul boxes also feature a Flap Lock which allows you to manage the top box flaps with ease.

3. Large Moving Boxes

As the name suggests, large U-Haul boxes are best used for larger and bulkier items. However, it’s important to note that these items should be relatively lightweight as the larger box also holds up to 65 lbs, with the measurements 18″ x 18″ x 24″ (W x L x H). In that respect, they’re most appropriate for storing pillows and bedding, stuffed animals, clothes, lampshades, and similar. The large boxes can also be shipped via FedEx, UPS, and/or USPS.

4. Dish Saver Kit

With the ability to fit up to 8 place settings, U-Haul’s dish saver kit is designed to store and protect your dishes as well as other fragile items such as picture frames, collectibles, fragile décor, etc. The kit comes with 32 reusable foam pouches and five cell dividers so that you can carefully arrange your items without worrying about them getting damaged during transport. The dish saver kit also holds up to 65 lbs and comes in the 24-1/8″ x 12″ x 11″ (W x L x H) size.

5. Book Boxes

For smaller yet heavier items such as books and other bits and bobs, you can utilize the specially designed U-Haul’s book boxes. While they too hold up to 65 lbs in 12“ x 12“ x 12“ (W x L x H) frame, they’re much sturdier and, therefore, appropriate for heavy load.

6. Glass Pack Kit

Moving homes definitely doesn’t come easy when it’s time to pack and transport glass items. In order to keep all of your glassware intact, U-Haul’s glass pack kit can truly come in handy. It comes with 18 reusable foam poaches and seven cell dividers to ensure that the glassware doesn’t move during transport. The kit holds up to 65 lbs in 24 1/8” x 12” x 11” size and also meets the shipping requirements of UPS.

7. Mirror and Picture Boxes

It’s too easy to forget about your artwork, paintings, and mirrors until it’s time to pack these for the move. Not to mention that these can get scratched, damaged, and even broken during transport if not protected and packed properly. That said, mirror and picture U-Haul boxes can rid you of this particular issue. One box holds up to 65 lbs in 37” x 4” x 27” (W x L x H) size, but it’s also possible to use two of them together for larger frames, which comes to 58-1/2” x 37-1/2” x 4” measurements.

8. Lamp Boxes

In case you have floor lamps that need to be packed and shipped out, or your table lamps have a rather specific shape that can’t fit in any of the mentioned boxes, you can get specially designed lamp boxes, too. These work great when it comes to other longer items as well, such as vases, telescopes, golf clubs, and more. The dimensions of the lamp box are 12” x 12” x 40” and it holds up to 65 lbs. Lamp boxes can also be shipped via FedEx, UPS, and/or USPS.

Woman removing lamp from cardboard box at new home

9. Wine Shipping Kit

If you need to transport bottles of your favorite beverage, such as wine and champagne, you can do so safely and worry-free with U-Haul’s wine shipping kit. Thanks to the protective Styrofoam, the bottles won’t move during transport. These kits are made to hold standard 750ml bottles, with a bottle opening diameter of 3 7/8” and circumference of 12.2”.

10. Medium Wardrobe Boxes

While you can use the regular large box for your lighter clothes, medium wardrobe boxes are ideal for heavier garments that you typically hang, such as jackets, coats, dresses, and similar. After all, the box itself comes with a hanging bar so you can simply leave your garments on the hangers as they were. That said, the dimensions of this box are 18” x 18” x 46” (W x L x H) and it can hold up to 100 lbs. You can also ship medium wardrobe boxes via FedEx, UPS, and/or USPS.

11. Flat Panel TV Moving Box Kit

It can be especially problematic to transport your flat-screen TV during the move. But, fortunately, U-Haul flat panel TV moving box kit can help you with that as well. And when you think about it, replacing a broken TV is considerably pricier than the Uhaul boxes cost, which will save you from additional expenses once you’re settled in your new home. In the flat-panel TV moving box kit, you get two telescope boxes that have sturdier walls together with special foam protectors designed to protect the TV through and through. This kit can hold up to 120 lbs. Individually, the box is sized at 36.5” x 6” x 40” (W x L x H), but when extended fully, it’s 73” wide x 40” tall x 6” deep.

12. Medium Electronics Boxes

When all the appliances and electronics that can’t fit in other boxes are concerned, the solution is to use U-Haul’s medium electronics boxes. These can be used for storing heavier and bulkier gadgets, such as computers, music players, and even TVs thanks to their design that can hold up to 120 lbs. Extra protection and built-in handles make both lifting and transport easier and safer. The dimensions of the box are 24” x 24” x 20” and it can be shipped via FedEx, UPS, and/or USPS.

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